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Who will visit?

Visitors to Recruitment Agency Expo will comprise of top level decision-makers in the UK’s recruitment companies who make the final purchasing decision. The event will also attract individuals who are responsible for sourcing, specifying and recommending products and services on behalf of their business.

Visitors by Job Title*

63% CEO/MD/Director/Owner
22% Senior Manager
8% Senior Recruitment Consultant
4% Recruitment Consultant
3% Other

Visitors by primary business type*

57% Rec Consultancy (General)
24% Rec Consultancy (Specialist)
9% Clientside Consultancy
6% Recruitment Advertising Agency
4% Other

Visitors by region*

69% London/South East
14% Midlands/North West/East
7% Wales/South West
6% Scotland
4% Other Areas

Visitors by purchasing authority *

74% Make final purchasing decision
23% Specify and Recommend
3% No decision making authority

* Projected visitor demographics. Based on a survey conducted among 2,000 potential visitors working in the recruitment industry.

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To book a stand, please contact our sales team on: Tel: 020 8230 0066 Or to find out more about visiting the expo contact: