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Why exhibit?

Exhibiting at Recruitment Agency Expo provides you with direct access to your target audience quickly and cost effectively. Saving you time and money by reaching hundreds of prospects in just two days, who would otherwise take you months to meet face to face.

The key benefits of exhibiting at Recruitment Agency Expo:

  • Make key contacts, create new relationships and red-hot new leads
  • Shorten your sales cycle and reach your target audience in just two days
  • Create awareness amongst your target audience and network with key players in the recruitment market-place
  • Increase your prospect database
  • Learn more about your customers’ needs, face to face
  • Position yourself against your competition
  • Keep up to date with your existing contacts and establish new relationships
  • Promote directly to this hard-to-reach audience
  • Consolidate business relationships with existing customers
  • Increase company and brand awareness
  • Network with your peers
  • Raise your company profile within the industry
  • Launch new products to a focused audience


Get in Touch

To book a stand, please contact our sales team on: Tel: 020 8230 0066 Or to find out more about visiting the expo contact: