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Training Zone – Day 1

Wednesday 1st February 2017

All training sessions take place in an open theatre and are provided on a first come basis and cannot be booked in advance. To ensure you get a seat, please arrive at least 10 mins before the session starts.

Session Code: T01
Theatre:  Training Zone
Time: 10:45 – 11:15

What Big Data will bring to the recruitment landscape – and what that means for your business and the future of the recruitment industry


At this time of unprecedented change, combined with increasing political interest in employment status and the recruitment sector, it is more important than ever to understand the opportunities for your business.  As a programme of on-going research and market analysis underpins FCSA’s work, this session will provide insights on the following:

  • The potential for Big Data use in recruitment – and the implications
  • Recruiting for jobs versus tasks: the rise of the ‘worker’
  • The evolving role of recruitment intermediaries – and the opportunities that it presents.

We will discuss emerging trends, share our latest research insights and consider what the future might bring.  Join us for this session where we will share data and ideas on what future change may mean for your business and the future of recruitment.

Julia Kermode, Chief Executive, Freelancer & Contractor Services Association


Session Code: T02
Theatre:  Training Zone
Time: 11:45 – 12:15

How To Acquire Candidates + Recruiting Clients with the Right Social Media Strategy


The overall aim of this presentation will be to help you figure out the right social media strategy for your recruitment business – and the key things you need to do to implement this strategy. Key points we’ll cover are:

- The one change you can make in planning your social media activities that will completely transform your recruiting team’s ROI
- The EXACT steps you need to follow to turn your social media presence into a stream of candidate interest or client leads
- Simple changes you can make that’ll dramatically improve your recruitment team’s results within a matter of weeks – and have you dominating your niche market at the expense of your competitors
- The most common mistakes and pitfalls that recruiters make… which lead people to conclude that “social media just doesn’t work in our niche market”
- How to tailor all this advice to your own business and niche recruitment market

Speaker: Tony Restell, Social Hire


Session Code: T03
Theatre:  Training Zone
Time: 12:45 – 13:15

Attracting millennials to the recruitment industry


Did you know that 50% of candidates who join the recruitment world, don’t make it through the first year?
[source: Three60 Recruitment, Rec-to-Rec, Birmingham]

Ironic isn’t it? Companies who live and breathe recruitment on a day-to-day basis, can’t seem to do it for themselves. We speak to our clients on a regular basis, and most of them have the same problem. So what’s going on here?

“A poor quality brand will always attract poor quality applicants”  What is the impact of a bad hire?

- Money invested in a person who isn’t right
- Damaged reputation
- Pay more to fix the problem
- Waste time and have to replace again

What can you do to stop this from happening?

- Cover the basics around how to build an Employer brand
- Defining your Employee Value Proposition
- Creative and tone of voice development
- Talent strategy and growth planning

Attracting the right talent

- Who is the ideal person?
- What is their cultural fit?
- Have they got a strong background in the type of recruitment they’re working for?
- Recruit for attitude, train for skill

How can you do this – A series of Top Tips

- You have the brand – now you need to communicate it to the relevant people in an authentic way
- Use blog content and videos to show your workplace culture
- Be active on social media – Be ‘real’

Speaker: Anna Plotnek Managing Director, PLOTT Creative


Session Code: T04
Theatre:  Training Zone
Time: 13:45 – 14:15

Creating a 3 year business plan that works


Spending to much time working ‘in’ your business, rather than ‘on’ it? This presentation will help you: – 1. Identify the key objectives that your company should focus on for the next 3 years 2. Break down the key milestones for each year 3. Develop an annual business plan with monthly monitoring to make sure you achieve your goals 4. Easily share the aims and objectives of the company with it’s staff – to be able to engage all.

Speaker: Angela Cripps, Managing Director, Connemara UK Ltd


Session Code: T05
Theatre:  Training Zone
Time: 14:45 – 15:15

Jumping Hurdles & Outgrowing Pains: Taking your business to the Next Level


The path of growth is never a smooth line straight to the top, but with the right support and structure the road to success is smoother. Being ready to adapt to changes in your business or industry sector will enable your business to overcome the potential challenges/hurdles failures that can affect entrepreneurs whilst they grow.

In an ideal world, where would you like your business to go? What size would it be, and what lifestyle would it afford you? Bring this ideal with you, and Marie Pegram will challenge and change your thinking to develop and expand your business.

No matter if your agency is a start-up or established, these ideas on change and development are important for all. Marie will discuss how to build business awareness, how to uncover blind spots and utilise the opportunities available to you, and how to build your company with the end in sight, from wherever you are on your journey.

Speaker: Marie Pegram – Partner, UHY Hacker Young


Session Code: T06
Theatre:  Training Zone
Time: 15:45 – 16:15

Building Bridges not Smashing Walls


How companies recruit has changed forever and internal recruitment teams are here to stay.   Whilst most agencies still try to get around internal recruitment teams the reality is that there is more to be gained by partnering than ignoring them.   This talk will focus on helping recruiters understand what are the motivators of internal recruitment teams and how they can build  lasting relationships that result in more vacancies and fees.

Speaker: Alex Moyle, Managing Director , Elevated Recruiting


Session Code: T07
Theatre:  Training Zone
Time: 16:45 – 17:15

Closing Candidates! – The psychology behind their decision making process


Do your recruiters try to sell and close their candidates on ‘Salary / Price’ alone?  The majority of recruiters do!  But if salary was the only motivating factor for candidates, why do such a large pool of them reject your offers and accept other opportunities from your competitors for a lower salary instead?

In this interactive session ‘Motivational Sales & Leadership Coach’ Brad Shackleton will introduce you to the ‘Psychology’ behind the ‘Candidate Decision Making Process’ that defines whether a candidate will ACCEPT or REJECT your offer!

Brad Shackleton is a former ‘Million Pound Biller’ Recruiter & Head Hunter in London’s Financial Services, and a former ‘Global Top Biller’ of a FTSE 250 multinational recruitment plc.  He specialises in creating and developing ‘High Performance Sales Teams’ on behalf of CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, and Directors who aspire to be ‘No.1′ in their Industry.

Speaker: Brad Shakleton, CEO, Recruiting Excellence

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